What’s wrong?

Completing a good property development project can be hard, particularly if it’s your first ever renovation.  From overloading interiors to installing lavish bathroom suites, Home Tec explore what not to do.


Area is arguably the most crucial part of a property development. Transport links, busy roads and surrounding estates all effect how resalable a property is. Many amateur developers think it will be easy to find the next upcoming area, but in reality, there are professionals spending masses of time hunting for profitable projects snapping up the properties in the best areas.

Bad Builders

A development project is only as good as the builder that you have. Get references from past clients, scope out your work before hand and get a fixed price for the project completion before any work is carried out. It is easy for rookies to get ripped off, contact Home Tec today to get quotations for building work on your project.

Going OTT

Its as unforgiveable to go overboard on design and cost as it is to scrimp on the quality of your project. Buyers can often get put off by lavish decor such as marble bathrooms and silk carpets that may seem as though they benefit the resale value of the project. Keeping your feet on the ground and opting for a clean, simple finish that looks fresh, but minimalist is the best code of conduct to appeal to the wider buyers’ market.

Getting Greedy

A house can seem a great deal better at the end of a renovation than at the start, but its price doesn’t necessary reflect it. Getting greedy can be a major stumbling block in achieving a good sale. IF your house is on the market for too much money it will just sit and go stale on the market. Buyers are too savvy to overpay for a property. Get your property valued by a range of estate agents and don’t always go for the highest valuation – they may just be after your custom.


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