In todays society climate change is a massive part of our lives regardless of how aware we are, and energy efficient homes play a big part in reducing our carbon footprint. Gone are the days where heating costs were low and bills were less of a concern. Modern homes are built with efficiency taken into account at every stage. But if you have an older house there is still hope; there are many cost effective ways of making your home more energy efficient.

Uninsulated cavity walls, badly designed timber structures and way wood window glazing are all factors that make older homes expensive to heat. To make the most of your central heating, keeping the warmth in is an easy way to start. Installing insulation in your loft and cavity walls will reduce the heat soak significantly, all something we can do for you.

Making use of your roof space by installing solar panels that can heat your home is a great way of staying self sufficient and saving money. It’s well worth a look into the governments schemes and incentives on renewable energy in the home.

A great thing about re skinning an existing home is that it allows you to boost insulation levels externally, making the older house designs as efficient as they can be.