A Smart Home Explained

If you counted the mobile devices in and around your home you would probably be running out of fingers pretty quickly. These devices connect with WiFi with the ability to make your life much easier, creating a Smart Home. The internet of things is where developments are right now, and whilst no standards have been set by major manufactures this technology can still be taken advantage of.

Simple tasks that can make your life much easier such as your lights turning on as you approach your home or the heating to be set to just so as you come home from work can be done without great expense.

Whats Available?

Getting devices to talk to eachother is a major obstacle at this stage of the Internet of Things is devices communciating with eachother. Big brands such as Samsung have solutions to solve this with a flexible “Smart Things” kit that allows devices from different vendors to connect to one another. This platform has a great developer community with solutions being developed by a large group of contributers. Comes included is a hub that acts as a control center to turn devices on and off or exevuting combinations of actions to any device that is connected. Buy Here

Other devices are available Such as Amazons Echo, which acts as a music hub to your home playing commonly used streaming services you will already be familar with such as Spotify through voice command. Using a cloud based voice control service called Alexa, you can select music, make calls, ask questions and more. This device can intregrate into your home further and control smart lights, switches and thermostats. As a cloud based platform improvements are always being applied such as odering a taxi, getting your train times and just about anything else you could want to know. Buy Here

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